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The 6th Focus Workshop of the Center for the Gravitational-Wave Universe
작성자 : 한국천문학회 등록일시 : 2022-11-15 14:34:31
첨부파일 :

Dear All,

This is the first announcement of the Focus Workshop entitled  GW Universe Workshop6: Electromagnetic follow-up Strategy (EM-GW), Systematics in Parameter Estimation (PE), and Prospects of GRB/Kilonova modeling.

It will be a face-to-face meeting and only some speakers abroad will deliver their talks online. The venue is the Magnolia Hall of the Hoam Faculty House at Seoul National University ( The workshop starts 24
25 November 2022.

There is no registration fee but registration is required.
Please be reminded that the registration ends at 23:59 pm on November 20 (Sunday).

Please find the scientific program and registration in the following links:

We look forward to your participation.

On behalf of organizers, Elahe Khalouei (SNU), JeongCho Kim(SNU) and Donggeun Tak (KASI)

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