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Space Climate 9 & ISEE Symposium 안내
작성자 : 한국천문학회 등록일시 : 2024-05-20 10:45:28
첨부파일 :

We are happy to announce that the Joint Symposium of the Space Climate Symposium 9 and ISEE Symposium has opened the abstract submission. This will take place at Nagoya (Japan) on 1-4 October 2024, with a focus on "Extremity, Long-Term Variability, Data of solar impacts on Earth" It would be lovely if we could have you and your teammate at Nagoya, taking this opportunity.


We will have the following sessions.


SOLAR-STELLAR: Dynamo, TSI/SSI, Long-term solar activity, Solar-stellar relations

COSMIC ENVIRONMENT: Corona and heliosphere, Cosmic rays, Cosmogenic isotopes, Extreme events

TERRESTRIAL: Ionosphere and Magnetosphere, Atmosphere and Climate, Space Weather, Extreme Events

SPACE CLIMATE DATA: Data rescue, Pre-Telescopic Data, Sunspot number recalibration

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